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The recovery of Lancaster MkI R 5572 near Baak, crashed on June 26, 1943.

Lancaster Mk I

The ARGA excavated the small restparts of RAF Lancaster MkI R 5572 of 106 squadron. The dig took place during a winterstorm on Januari 03, 08 and 15, 2005. The ARGA did know that the site was allready been visited by a organisation from the western part of the Netherlands but our metaldetecting equipment marked out another location with aircraft remains. RAF Lancaster MkI R 5572 crashed near the village of Baak(Gld) at aprox. 02.00 hours on June 26, 1943.

baak lancaster 1 baak lancaster 2 baak lancaster 3 baak lancaster 4 baak lancaster 5 baak lancaster 6 

The pilot was the only one who baled out, the remainder of the crew was killed.It became clear during our investigation that the Lancaster burned fiercely. There was a very hard concrete like layer at 0.5 meter depth of earth and aluminium.

lancaster baak 7  baak lancaster 8 baak lancaster 9

In this layer the small parts were found in a remarkable state of preservation. Parachutebuckles, coins, instruments etc. They were the silent wittnesess of this drama.The complete field was researched and no further locations were detected.

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