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The recovery of a RAF Mustang FB 117 MkIII 316 Sqn (Polish) near Duiven.

Mustang MkIII FB117 was recovered during the winter of 2001/2002 at Duiven, a small town south-east of Arnhem. It crashed on february 21, 1945. The pilot, P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz, baled out and was taken POW.

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21-02-1945, 13.55 hours, 12 RAF Mustang MkIII fighters from 316(City of Warsaw) squadron took off from Andrews Field. Mission for that day: Fighter sweep in the Salzwedel area. They arrived at their target at 16.10 hours. A horrific explosion shook the earth when the first loc with approx 20 wagons was hit at the trainstation at Eschede(Ge). Two 316 pilots, W/O Zych and P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz were caught in the blast. W/O Zych was unable to respond, crashed and was killed in action. He is buried in Becklingen War Cemetery at Soltau(Ge). Mustang MkIII FB-117 flown by P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz was badly damaged but Dyrmont-Jussewicz was able to controll the a/c. 316 sqn continued their attack at the trainstation and destroyed two more trains. P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz was by this time trying to get back to his homebase in England. But South East of Arnhem the engine of his a/c caught fire and he had to bale out. His a/c crashed behind a farmhouse called "MariŽnboom" at the Graafsesingel nearby the municipality of Duiven.

mustang FB-117 Duiven  mustang duiven  nationaal embleem Polen  cockpit mustang duiven  cockpit detail mustang duiven  detail cockpit mustang duiven

At approx 17.00 hours P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz landed with his parachute behind todays Gasstation at the Westsingel(=streetname). German forces immediately moved in and took him prisoner and brought him to a POW camp. He was liberated April 29, 1945 by US troops at POW camp at Moosburg. During the recovery fuselage parts, wing parts and the complete starboardside of the cockpit with the cranking mechanism of the Malcolm Hood were found. Also found on the oilcooler was the serialno. of the a/c: FB117. Due to the very soggy terrain all the a/c parts were poorly preserved.

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