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The recovery of a Messerschmitt 109G-6/AS WNR. 782319 of the 7./JG27.

On September 23, 1944 at 17.45 hours 48 Messerschmitt Me109's and Focke Wulf 190's took off from the airbases Gütersloh and Plantlüne for the attack on the allied airborne forces in the Arnhem area during operation Market Garden. These a/c belonged to the Stab./Jagdgeschwader(JG)11, 5x Me109, II./JG27, 24x Me109, 4./JG54, 19x Fw190. Fierce dogfighting ripped through the skies above the Nijmegen-Kleve(Ge)-Doetinchem area. 48 P47D's of the 353rd Fighter Group, which job it was to provide direct support to aerial supply missions for the airborne troops in the Groesbeek, Overasselt and Son area, bounced the Luftwaffe long before they were in their area of operations. 11 Luftwaffe a/c were missing after their return on both airbases between 19.24 and 19.35 hours. IV./JG54 lost 5x Fw190, II./JG27 5x Me109 and the Stab./JG11 lost 1 Me109. The USAAF 353rd Fighter Group lost 3 P47's all belonged to their 350st Fighter Squadron and many a/c had battle damage.

messerschmitt 109G-6/AS  Me 109G-6/AS Gaanderen  Me 109G Gaanderen  Messerschmitt Wnr. 782319  Me109 G-6/AS 7/JG27  Messerschmitt gecrasht bij Gaanderen  Bij Gaanderen neergestort 

This Me109 crashed near the municipality of Gaanderen. The following police account was found during archive research:"Mr Hettinga reported that a German aircraft had crashed and burned at the Pinnendijk(=streetname) near the Lovinkweg(street). The pilot could save himself. The local German Ortskom.tur is herewith informed and also the Captain present." This Me109 was flown by Uffz Nebgen of 7./JG27. He and his a/c came down close together at the present called Heidedijk. The pilot told bystanders that this was his 3rd bale out! Locals attempted a recovery just after the end of the war but failed due to the groundwater level. During the recovery on November 16, 1996 this same problem presented itself again. Luckely the complete wreck could be recovered and Werknumber and part of its tactical callsign were found.

motorblok Me109G-6/AS  motorblok  motorblok messerschmitt 109G

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