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The recovery of the P47D Thunderbolt 43-25515 UN-T of the 56th FG / 63rd FS, contained in Lochem.

The recovery of this USAAF P47D 43-25515 UN-T, took place in the summer 1999 and 2001. This a/c was shot down during heavy airbattles ivo Lochem during operation Market Garden. The pilot, 2/Lt Harold E Spicer was killed in action. He was buried by the German forces.

instrumentenpaneel P47D  graven bij Lochem naar Ann K van Harold Spicer  Ann K nabij Lochem  onderdeel Ann K foto van de Ann-K  serial_ann_k 

On this day the 56th Fighter Group provided area support for RAF Short Stirlings on ops around Arnhem. Arriving over Arnhem at 14.04 hours at 18.000Ft the group was led to Nijmegen, then to the north to Deventer. Then they flew due south to Lochem in a graduel descent. As they approached Lochem 15 Fw190's were seen flying very low and towards Germany. 63rd Fighter squadron led the attack and bounced the German fighters from about 3500Ft.

onderdeel Ann K  Ann K in volle vlucht  graven naar de Ann K  graven naar Ann K bij Lochem  graven naar Ann K bij Lochem onderdeel van Ann K

The Luftwaffe fighters were totally surprised by the attack and fought for survival. 1/Lt Cameron Hart, leader Red Flight, with 2/Lt Harold Spicer as his wingman selected a Fw190 and engaged the German fighter. 2/Lt harold Spicer also engaged a Fw190 and was last seen chasing it northeast but was never heard from again and was later declared killed in action.

indentificatieplaat Ann K  identificatie plaat flight reports  nose part Ann K  another nose part Ann K  part of Ann K  wing Harold Spicer Ann K

Among the large a/c parts found were cowling, wing, fuselage and undercarriage parts. Also found on a cowlingpart was a fragment of the nickname "Ann-K" which was prove of the identity of this a/c. This was confirmed by the serialno. found on a gun mounting part

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