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The recovery of a Messerschmitt 262A-a2 site survey near Vorden

The ARGA carried out this research on Tuesday, July 25, 2006 after receiving a tip of Mr. Jaap Woortman. The Me262 was the first operational jetfighter of WW2

Messerschmitt met werknummer 170120  Messerschmitt 262A-2A  Messerschmitt Me262A-2A te Vorden  Me262A-2A Vorden  kleine delen van Me262A-2A

This Messerschmitt Me262A-2a, Wknr 170120, KD+EZ of 2./KG 51 crashed at aprox. 10.00 hours in the morning at November 26, 1944 NE of Castle "De Wildenborch" in the former county of Vorden.

The exact crashsite was discovered after interviewing several eyewitnesses. The crashsite was found at a small road called "de Stuwdijk".

The pilot, Uffz Horst Sanio, flew his aircraft low from the ZW to the NE, just missing some treetops and made a very heavy crash landing in a field, stopping in front of a farmhouse. One of the bombs, which he was carrying, went through the front wall of this farmhouse and was found in one of the barns at the back of this farmhouse. Sanio was brought to this farmhouse with severe injuries and was taken to the hospital at Almelo. On November 30, 1944 Sanio died of his wounds and was buried at Almelo and later at Ysselsteyn(L) were he now rests in grave BE-4-79.

After aproval of the landowner an investigation of the field was carried out. During a hot summers evening the field was investigated with metal detecting equipment. The ARGA suspected that the crashsite was very well cleaned by German forces during the war. But one account of an eywitness could could mean that there was more to be found than only small restparts! He mentioned that the a/c was destroyed over a large area and that the Germans had problems to get their vehicles in to the field because of it being very soggy. But it became clear that the assumptions of the ARGA proved to be correct....only very small rest parts were found. And these parts didn't prove that a Me262 had crashed in that field! But, at last, after a long evening three turbine blades of the Jumo004B jet engine were found and proved that the a/c crashed was that of Uffz Horst Sanio.

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